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Metal Finishing & Coatings offers a variety of electroplating processes for every metal plating job including chrome, silver, zinc plating and anodising – clear or coloured.


Zinc Plating is a cheap and efficient way of giving a component a good level of anti-corrosion protection and decorative finish at the same time.


Chrome Plating (Hard) is used in industrial equipment to reduce friction and wear and to restore the dimensions of equipment that has experienced wear.


Copper Plating is used predominantly for undercoats as an anti-diffusion barrier or for sealing particular diecast materials.


Nickel Plating is used to give a component a corrosion and chemical resistant, with good wear resistance, hardness and lubricity. Nickel metal has high mechanical strength, is fairly hard and is widely used in the automotive, chemical, aerospace and electronics.


Silver Plating resists the effects of fretting between two different metal components when they come into contact with one another, it has extremely good wear resistance, making it suitable for the finishing of bearings, and it is extremely easy to solder given its ultra-fine grain structure.


Anodising is extensively used for the production of protective and decorative films on aluminium. The coating has exceptional wear resistance and excellent mechanical strength. Hard anodising provides very good corrosion resistance and can withstand short exposures at high temperatures.

Alochrome is generally used as a process prior to paint because it improves paint adhesion. Alochrome also improves corrosion resistance while not significantly affecting electrical contact resistance.


Passivation is the removal of free iron from the surface of the steel. While passivation does not affect the thickness or effectiveness of the passive layer, it is useful in producing a clean surface for a further treatment, such as plating or painting.


Zinc Phosphate coating improve corrosion resistance by providing a good base for absorbing and retaining rust preventive materials. It also provides good paint bonding and an excellent base for holding lubricants and drawing compounds.


Manganese Phosphate coating produces a crystalline structure on the component surface retains a large quantity of lubricant and rust inhibiting oil thereby reducing galling in moving parts. In addition when used for bearings the coatings enable a continuous film of lubricant, which improves wear resistance.


Chemical Polishing of Aluminium provide a smooth, bright, though not a "mirror" finish without revealing the grain structure of the metal. It is also use to revitalise aluminium surfaces.

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