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MFC Ltd., Sweet Street, Leeds, LS11 9TH

Company Registration Number: 4325535

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With over 40 years of experience, Metal Finishing & Coatings are leading specialists in metal finishing services and supply engineering, painting, coating and electroplating services to numerous divisions of industry.


During this time we have developed our services to meet new quality and environmental standards, and invested in equipment and staff to cope with ever changing requirements.


Our work is focused on quality. As a result, Metal Finishing & Coatings is completing work for Customers in a variety of quality critical sectors and applications.


Metal Finishing & Coatings offers important benefits to you on minimising lead times.


We offer "one-stop" shop facilities and all parts requiring multiple treatments (i.e. manganese phosphate + molybdenum coating + painting) can be easily moved between adjacent departments on our one site.


This means that our Customers avoid costly and time consuming transfers between different single process suppliers.