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Metal Finishing & Coatings offers an extensive range of high performance paint systems, which are applicable in different environments, from the oil, gas, offshore and subsea industries, to steel structure industries, and also deliver high quality finish coatings on aluminium and plastics for decorative commercial lighting industry.


Our operatives are skilled at ensuring that the base material is properly cleaned and pre-treated. Dealing with a wide range of up-to-date equipment and accessories allows our Customers the highest level of quality workmanship.


Thanks to the size of our spray booths and blasting rooms as well as the cranes with upto 10 tonnes working loads we can accommodate most sizes of components, painting them using airless and air assisted paint equipment.


For the oil and gas related industries Metal Finishing & Coatings use paints which provide corrosion protection for structures covering all activities where specialist anti-corrosion, subsea, abrasion resistant and non-slip coatings are required.


We also have a large selection of blasting material, from large steel shot (G24) to very small aluminium oxide. Dry abrasive blasting is carried out by projecting a highly concentrated stream of small abrasive particles onto the substrates surface at speeds of up to approximately 720 km/h (450 mph). The operation removes rust, scale, dirt and any other extraneous material from the substrate and also leaves an irregular profile, which provides an ideal key for coating adhesion.

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